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When I received an invitation to attend a Spider trip, my initial
reaction was one of ‘no thanks’, as my senses immediately led
my thoughts to that of the eight-legged variety
After a little research, I was excited at the
opportunity to delve deeper into this unique radio
controlled slope mower and off I went to the
Spider headquarters in the Czech Republic.
Having never visited this country before, I expected
to find a few ornate castles, cheap beer and long
stories about its history, along with a modest factory
facility for The Dvořák machinery division who
manufacture the revolutionary Spider. What I didn’t
expect was to approach a very modern, beautiful
and breath-taking factory, built in 2014, following
the success and vision of its founder and owner
Mr. Lubomír Dvořák. The facility is located in the
heart of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands near the
Pohled village, and its architecture and surrounding
water feature offer a sense of tranquillity and
communion with nature.
The initial Spider concept was developed in 2004
by Lubomír, who had the idea and vision to change
people’s approach to mowing difficult areas, whilst
creating a new niche market... and the Spider was
born. The understanding and forward thinking
from Lubomír meant he would design a machine
unrivalled by any other competitor (due to its strong
patented chassis design), and gain success and
appreciation from consumers and specialists around
the Globe by being the first remote controlled
mower to maintain hillsides.
Jump forward thirteen years and it appears
the infrastructure and experience of the new UK
importer T H WHITE, along with the pioneering
design characteristics of the machine, explains why
Spider is set to take Blighty by storm and cement its
position, not only in the municipal market, but also
in golf, local authorities, railways, sports grounds,
parks and motorways, to name but a few.
What makes Spider so special? The patented
drive system, also known as the Dance step,
together with constant 4-wheel drive, ensures
fantastic manoeuvrability of the mower in all
terrains, great climbing ability and gentle treatment
of grass even in wet or soft terrain. The dancing
step makes the mowers very stable, allowing
omnidirectional mowing and unlimited continuous
turning of all the wheels in full extent of 360o.
Due to the intended use, on steep hillsides and on
weakened terrains, the mowers have a light-weight
structure which means low fuel consumption, low
emissions, high mowing efficiency and easy handling
during transportation and servicing. The ability to
control the mower remotely allows the operator to
stay away from the working area, away from noise
and vibrations, and removes all risk when mowing
on hillsides and in dangerous areas.
The unique drive system allows the mowers to
work on extremely steep slopes with an incline
up to 40o. The integrated hydraulic winch then
increases the climbing ability to an incredible 55o
which sometimes cannot even be walked on.
The mowers are available in three sizes which
differ in mowing width, cutting height, engine
power, number of blades and available accessories.
Spider Mini
The smallest in the range is designed for semiprofessional
use, where an operator needs to mow
sloping land or areas with minimum space for
manoeuvring, such as corporate premises, gardens
and cemeteries.
Spider ILD01
This machine is designed for full professional use
and is intended for terrains with restricted access
and extensive mowing of large areas such as golf
courses, parks, sports facilities and hillsides etc.
Spider ILD02
Also designed for full professional use, this machine
is ideal for steep, inaccessible or long-term
unmaintained areas as well as applications requiring
high quality frequent mowing. This model is also
equipped with an option of skid steering to allow
the mower to turn around its vertical axis which
also simplifies handling.
When watching the demonstration of these
machines, the benefits and ease of use seemed a
little too good be true, so I immediately started to
panic that I’m not adept in Call of Duty and that
my joystick skills would not be up to scratch. How
wrong I was! The remote control was ergonomic,
intuitive, really easy to use and it became obvious
how the safety and comfort of being at a safe
distance from the machine in use is invaluable.
I found, even with me at the control, the drive
system allows for every move to be productive
and eliminates loss of time caused by turning the
mower, positioning it in the next line or by mowing
around obstacles. The Spider ILD02 can replace as
many as fifteen workers with brushcutters or one
boom mower carried by a tractor. When mowing,
the grass is mulched so the need to transport and
dispose of the grass collected is eliminated.
Don’t be fooled by thinking this machine is
futuristic and gimmicky... it’s nothing of the sort!
It’s a unique product, developed by a passionate
company with a strong emphasis on safety,
versatility, comfort and customer support.

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