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Specialized equipment for commercial mowing of slopes, inaccessible and large areas.

SPIDER radio remote controlled mowers are a unique piece of equipment designed for the maintenance of almost all types of terrain.

Especially Spider ILD01 and Spider ILD02 slope mowers are versatile machines capable of mowing fine turf as well as heavy brush on flat areas as well as on slopes up to 55 degrees. The operation is
safe, comfortable and productive.

Spider MINI is a model designed for smaller areas and gardens.

Find more information on individual models in the Products section.
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benefits and applications of Spider mowers. .

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Využití svahové sekačky Spider

Three models


Využití svahové sekačky Spider



Využití svahové sekačky Spider


and motorways

Využití svahové sekačky Spider



Využití svahové sekačky Spider



Svahové sekačky Spider
Svahové sekačky Spider

Extreme climbing

55 degrees - no problem for Spider mowers

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Svahové sekačky Spider


Probably the safest slope mower in the market

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Svahové sekačky Spider


The mower belongs on the slope, not the operator

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Svahové sekačky Spider
Svahové sekačky Spider
Svahové sekačky Spider


Fast and inexpensive work in heavy conditionsh

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Svahové sekačky Spider


Loading and unloading is a piece of cake

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Svahové sekačky Spider

of cut

Spider mowers use mulching mower decks. The grass is cut in small pieces which fertilize the lawn...

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Svahové sekačky Spider

Products spider

Svahová sekačka Spider
Briggs & Stratton 950, 223 ccm
up to 1500 m2/h
56 cm / 22 inch
Svahová sekačka Spider
Kawasaki FS541V 18HP
up to 3500 m2/h
80 cm / 32 inch
Svahová sekačka Spider
Kawasaki FS691V 24HP
up to 7000 m2/h
123 cm / 48.5 inch
Slope mowers Spider

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Wrote about us / news


Pohled, Czech Republic (19 June 2017) The full range of remote-controlled Spider mowers will be on display on the Hans Rumsauer booth C-326 at DemoPark in June. Not only will they be visible, but their agility and manoeuvrability will be demonstrated on a large display ramp located on the booth.


Using the marketing slogan MOWING SPECIALISTS, Rumsauer will also be exhibiting Wiper robotic mowers; Blue Bird brush cutters, hedge trimmer and chainsaws; and ThermaCell protective clothing.


A large display ramp, clearly identifiable from a distance due to large green exhibition balloons floating above, will feature the specialist extreme mowing capabilities of the Spider mowers.


The Spider 2 mower is designed for full professional use and is used where there is a need to mow steep, inaccessible or long-term unmaintained areas, but also in areas requiring high quality and high frequency mowing. It is the world's most popular model suitable for extensive and intensive mowing of large areas.


The Spider 1, when launched in 2003, was the world’s first remote-controlled mower for the professional maintenance of slopes and hillsides. It was the initial product from the Dvorak Machinery Division and won many prestigious awards at international exhibitions and fairs. Designed for professional use, it can also be used also by private individuals for mowing larger areas of land.


The latest addition to the range, introduced in 2014, the Spider Mini mower is designed for semi-professional and occasional use. It can be used where there is a need to mow smaller areas of sloping land or areas with minimum space for manoeuvring. It is the smallest and lightest model of the Spider mower family.


If you have a requirement for extreme or specialist mowing, then a visit to Hans Rumsauer booth it will be well worth it.


About Hans Rumsauer GmbH

The family-owned company Hans Rumsauer GmbH was founded in 1948. It is located in Speichersdorf in northern Bavaria and sells all kind of special garden tools. Their focus is on the radio-controlled slope mower “Spider”, the robotic lawnmower “Wiper”, rotary mowers, and the mosquito repellent devices of “ThermaCell, Bushman and Predator”. After 69 years the company is led by family members in the third generation, with Christian Rumsauer as managing director and 22 employees.



Spider at Daytona speedway

While waiting for a further group of colleagues to arrive during a visit organised by USA’s Sports Turf Managers’ Association, the first group of turf professionals who arrived at the track were able to marvel at the dexterity and mowing ability of the mower on the outer banks of the circuit.


One of the visitors, Jeff Salmond, sports turf manager at the University of Oklahoma said,

“Everybody was just amazed; it was just the coolest thing ever.”


The Spider mower, built by the Dvorak company in the Czech Republic and distributed by Orlando-based Slope Care LLC, is just one of the tools the Speedway has employed over the years to keep the grass in place and growing on the steep surface outside the turns at Daytona. The high banks are one of the bigger challenges for the team that spends all year keeping the Speedway turf groomed and green. Other issues include drought, pestilence and water restrictions that govern how much water they can use to keep the grass looking good.


Salmond, a big NASCAR fan, organised the Speedway visit and added,

“Most of us are used to being on football, baseball and soccer fields, but we all agreed that was a pretty cool machine. Everybody was looking at it and the way the operator ran the machine; he was obviously very skilled.


“It was impressive to be able to drive out onto the track, up to the start/finish line and see the checkerboard grass pattern that Sam Newpher, the Speedway’s grounds supervisor, and his team have planted in the infield, but the remote control mower, was a highlight.”


The Spider 2 has an integrated winch which allows it to operate on banks up to 50 degrees with a ground anchor. One of Newpher’s staff, Emory Renfroe, manufactured a special frame attachment for a tractor, which acted as a mobile ground anchor, allowing the operator, Perry Horton, to manoeuver it with his remote control unit.


“That has worked out great,” said Newpher. “With four mulching blades, the mower definitely makes the task easier on the high banks and the grass is a lot healthier than before. To keep the grass looking fresh we mow the grass in three different directions; a new one every third time it is mowed, never the same direction twice. It makes it look better and kind of puts things in perspective. It takes four days for us to mow the entire surface.”


About Daytona

In addition to NASCAR, the track also hosts races of ARCA, AMA Superbike, USCC, SCCA, and Motocross. The track features multiple layouts including the primary 2.5-mile (4.0 km) high-speed tri-oval, a 3.56-mile (5.73 km) sports car course, a 2.95-mile (4.75 km) motorcycle course, and a 1,320-foot (400 m) karting and motorcycle flat-track. The track's 180-acre (73 ha) infield includes the 29-acre (12 ha) Lake Lloyd, which has hosted powerboat racing. The speedway is owned and operated by International Speedway Corporation.


The track was built in 1959 by NASCAR founder William "Bill" France, Sr. to host racing that was held at the former Daytona Beach Road Course. His banked design permitted higher speeds and gave fans a better view of the cars. Lights were installed around the track in 1998, and today it is the third-largest single lit outdoor sports facility in the USA. The speedway has been renovated three times, with the infield renovated in 2004 and the track repaved in 1978 and 2010.


The latest renovation project (Daytona Rising) began on July 5, 2013 and was completed in January 2016, at a cost of US $400 million, placing emphasis on improving spectator experience with five expanded and redesigned entrances, as well as wider and more comfortable seating with more restrooms and concession stands. After the renovations were completed, the track's spectator capacity was increased to 101,000 permanent seats with the ability to take this to 125,000, if required.

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